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The Lion starts its festival run

On 05, Jun 2013 | In News | By admin

Our first major project, a music video for The Lion by Benjamin Scheuer, is starting its festival run next week at the Mecca of animated pictures that is the Annecy Animation Festival, where it’s in competition for Best Music Video with the likes of Bjork.
We’re excited about going along to see it do its thing, apart from the weather forecast: rain all week. Still, makes it easier to sit inside a dark cinema watching movies. Have a look at the competition here.

Just a week or two after its run at Annecy The Lion will be galloping off (galloping? Not sure that’s the right term for a lion, but we’ll run with it) to the Edinburgh International Film Festival where it’ll be competing for the prestigious McLaren Award for Best New British Animation. We’ve already got one of those trophies under our belt already (Peter Baynton’s short film Over The Hill won it in 2007) but no harm in trying to scoop another.

Due to the strict rules of competition at Edinburgh, we’re unable to put The Lion online until after the festival, so though we’re itching to release the beast into the wild, we’re afraid to say it’ll be remaining behind bars until the end of June more or less. Fear not though, we’ll make a racket when the time comes.